Our TruLeaf Smart Plant Systems® leverage multi-level farming technology to create efficient, controlled indoor farms that can be located anywhere from the heart of an urban centre to remote locations or harsh climate areas, where growing would otherwise not be possible.

As a TruLeaf Vertical Farm Licensee, you and your team receive comprehensive strategic support along with an array of critical operations solutions:

• Retail Store Design

• Merchandising + Displays

• Consumer Education Classes + Events

• Signature Products + Services

• Local + Global Managed Marketing

• Website + Email Management

• Business Operations Solutions

• In-Depth Team Training Programs

• Business Development Coaching

• Commercial Sales Training

It’s a practical, sustainable solution that avoids some of the challenges of traditional farming, providing a predictable, year-round supply of fresh, high-nutrient plants to meet the needs of grocery retailers, functional food producers, pharma and health product manufacturers.

We are more than plant growers; we are a multi-disciplinary team with world-leading expertise in plant science, environmental controls, new product development, marketing and supply chain management. 

By combining proven agricultural technologies with our own innovations in farm design, racking, lighting configurations and irrigation mechanics, we’re pioneering proprietary, world-leading processes and plant recipes with exciting commercial possibilities in multiple industries.