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GoodLeaf Farms 

GoodLeaf Farms is a wholly owned subsidiary of TruLeaf. It produces clean and nutritious leafy greens and herbs, 365 days a year, in Guelph, Ontario and Truro, Nova Scotia.

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The Smart Plant System®

TruLeaf Smart Plant Systems® integrate proprietary innovations in equipment design, farm layout, and plant production formulas to produce clean, pesticide-free, nutrient-rich leafy plants year-round.

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World Class Expertise

We have built a world-leading team of specialists in plant science, quality assurance, and farm design. This investment ensures that our clients benefit from new product varieties, rapid responsiveness to market trends, and ongoing efficiencies in the farm-to-fork value chain.


Expanding Globally

TruLeaf has an industry leading technology platform that can be deployed anywhere in the world to yield high quality leafy greens, herbs, and microgreens

Our team is proud that our farms efficiently and effectively contribute to food security while minimizing the distance between farm to fork. 
— Gregg Curwin, Founder & CEO (Retired)