Smart Farm Systems

TruLeaf designs efficient vertical farms using innovative technology. 


Founded in 2011, TruLeaf’s systems offer the opportunity to grow a sustainable year-round supply of leafy plants to replace or enhance current sources. Our multi-level farms can be built anywhere, offering the key advantage of growing closer to your market, which maximizes freshness while reducing transportation costs and spoilage. 

Our goal is to enhance the local food supply with year-round agriculture and reduce reliance on imported produce.

Although engineered for mass markets, the opportunities are not limited to grocery and large-scale food producers.



Mixed Mustard Greens grow under LED lights at a GoodLeaf Farm. 


Red Chard grows under LED lights at a GoodLeaf farm.


Our goal is to build farms that are simple, cost-effective, and easily scalable. We consider everything from rack design to irrigation mechanics, from process flow to refrigeration needs to design high-yield farms that adhere to high standards of food safety and resource conservation. The major part includes:

  • LED spectrum selection

  • Plant Production Formulas

  • Automation

  • Data Collection

TruLeaf’s plant production formulas, or plant recipes, incorporate the following elements to grow a specific plant variety:

  • Irrigation regime

  • Light intensity and duration

  • Nutrient content and concentrations

  • Environmental conditions, e.g. temperature, humidity and CO2