GoodLeaf Joins Hope Blooms for Expansion BBQ

Community groups provide direction and hope for the communities they serve, and Hope Blooms is certainly no exception. Through the production of salad dressings and sauces, with inner-city youth in Halifax’s North End, they are able to provide funding and scholarships for those same youth to go to post secondary education.

The team at GoodLeaf has been following the success of the hardworking volunteers at Hope Blooms since the beginning, and today GoodLeaf is joining them to celebrate their successes as they launch into four more Atlantic SuperStorelocations in Halifax. GoodLeaf has begun a partnership with Hope Blooms and is now providing all of the fresh basil for their Basil Pesto.

Please join GoodLeaf and TruLeaf in celebrating the successes of Hope Blooms!

newsDevon Chisholm